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As the weather outside gets colder and as autumn approaches, we all seek out the cosiness inside. What gives more of a nice atmosphere than a wood stove? The smell, the crackling, that wonderful warmth and flames you can stare into. It creates atmosphere, warmth and a comfortable feeling, and with the long autumn and winter you have a lot of benefit from it. Given the rising energy rates, which many households have to deal with, there are various prices of wood stoves, pellet stoves, for each home – in a space where homeowners spend a lot of time, but what does it cost to install a wood stove, and what should you take into account? Klantdirect provides answers to all these questions so that you too can look for a wood stove that’s right for you. Request a quote from Klantdirect without obligation. An installer who is affiliated with Klantdirect ensures that the installation of the stove is done professionally and safely. So you light your stove with confidence this winter, and enjoy those beautiful flames.

What types of wood stoves are there?

You can install different types of wood stoves, each with their aesthetic properties and their advantages and disadvantages. To help you make the right choice, we have listed them for you.

Cast iron wood stove: Cast iron is a durable iron that retains heat well. Cast iron is moulded into the shape of the stove and therefore has no vulnerable seams. Cast iron has the disadvantage that it can rust.
Steel wood stove: A steel stove is made of thinner material, so it heats up quickly, but also loses its heat quickly. A steel stove is widely used in sleek and modern interiors.
Soapstone stove: This wood stove is made of soapstone. This stone keeps the heat stored for a long time. Thus, one firing can heat a room for up to 14 hours without the need for continuous firing. So it is a stove with a high efficiency, but also with a high cost.
Tiled stove These stoves are made of Chamotte, a type of stone that does not hold heat as well as soapstone. For this reason, tile stoves are often larger in size, so they can heat the same space.
Pellet stoves: When you want to install a pellet stove, you choose a fully automatic stove. The pellet stove is electrically driven, which ensures that the efficiency is very high. For a pellet stove you use wood pellets as fuel. So you do not have to start a fire yourself and keep it going.

Types of wood stoves

In addition, you have different types of wood stoves and variations of mounting. Most types of wood stoves are available in cast iron, steel, tile and soapstone. Because pellet stoves are fully automatic and therefore put together differently, these are common in the freestanding wood stove variety. The choice from the type is often more from the aesthetic point of view than from efficiency and durability. That option is more often applied in the type of wood stove choice. So it also weighs into the question of: what does a wood stove installation cost?

Freestanding wood stove: As the name suggests, this stove is separate from the wall and connected to the chimney by a pipe. It is often equipped with windows and a steel bottom plate to protect the floor.

Built-in wood stove: This stove is built into the wall, it gives a nice clean effect and pets can walk under it without any problems.

Suspended wood stove: This stove can be either wall-mounted or attached to its pipe separately in a room. The wall-mounted version is often used in smaller rooms, while the free-hanging stove is often installed in larger rooms by professionals affiliated with Klantdirect.

Legal provisions around stove installation

From January 2022, new European rules will apply to wood stoves. The new rules require an efficiency of 70% and wood stoves may not emit more than 40 milligrams of particulate matter per cubic metre. In the Netherlands, it has been decided to enforce this legislation in advance for all new stoves to be purchased.
The current legislation surrounding wood stove installation is still quite minimal. From the government, only the CE type approval safety requirements are made mandatory. In terms of emissions and efficiency, the Netherlands is also rather reserved with its requirements. For example, the stove must achieve an efficiency of 30 to 50% and may emit carbon monoxide of 1% and there are no rules for particulate emissions.
Furthermore, Article 7.22 of the 2012 Building Decree prohibits the spreading of smoke, soot, smoke and dust that is harmful or objectionable to the surroundings. For this reason, Klantdirect installers install the pipe of the wood stove above the ridge of the roof. So take this into account when it comes to the matter of how much it costs to install a wood stove.

Wood stove installation and environment

A small group of Dutch people grumble a lot about wood stoves and the nuisance they allegedly cause. People with respiratory problems are bothered by the smoke and it is said to be bad for the environment. Many old stoves have a low efficiency, lose a lot of heat and require more fuel, but there is good news for anyone who wants to install a wood stove and wants to think about the environment. Whereas old wood stoves have an efficiency of 10-20%, modern wood stoves are much smarter. Thus, they easily achieve an efficiency of 80-90%. The modern stove thus provides much more heat with less fuel, and therefore has a smaller impact on the environment.
How environmentally conscious your stove is also depends on which type of wood stove you install. A soapstone stove is much more environmentally friendly than a cast iron stove. If, on the other hand, you want to install a pellet stove, you are again being energy-efficient. An environmental consideration can therefore answer the question: What will it cost to install a wood stove? It is also smart to have your chimney swept by a chimney sweep once in a while (see our chimney sweepers). A clean chimney ensures a good air supply and smoke extraction, both of which ensure that your fire burns better and longer on less fuel.

Pellet stove installation

If you want to install a pellet stove in your home, you choose a clean way of burning wood. The closed system means that no smoke, sparks or dust can enter your living room. A pellet stove is also installed if you do not want a lot of fuss with lighting the fire; a push of a button is sufficient. As the stove is fully automatic and has a closed system, the stoves can achieve an efficiency of up to 94%. The installation of a pellet stove does not require any major construction work either. This is because the stove can be attached to a small chimney and it is not necessary to have a chimney up to the ridge. Due to the use of wood pellets, there is also no need to work with blocks of wood. The installers at klantdirect install a pellet stove for the atmosphere in your home and the ease of use.

What does it cost to install a wood stove?

Now you may be wondering: what does it cost to install a wood stove? That depends entirely on the stove and the existing situation. Do you want to install a pellet stove? Then a thin pipe to the outside is required. The woodburning stove installation costs will be considerably higher if a chimney has to be created. It is important that the chimney is still in good condition and has no dirt or blockages. Do you want to install a wood stove without a chimney? Then the wood stove installation costs will be less. Without a chimney, you can only mimic the atmosphere. Installing a wood stove without a chimney is only possible with a gas stove, electric or a bio-ethanol. These burn the fuel completely and therefore do not need a chimney. The cost of installing a wood stove often includes the connection to the chimney. What does it cost to install a wood stove? Whether you want to install a pellet stove or a cast iron wood stove, a guideline is that a complete installation is possible from € 2000, including the type of stove. How big the job will be depends on the situation. Therefore, please state clearly in your request what your current situation is and which stove it concerns. An installer will contact you to make an appointment to come and see the situation at your home, and also to give you a quote in consultation.

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