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What does a plumber do?

A plumber does jobs such as: Locating and fixing blockages and leaks, fixing malfunctions, installing pipework,solving  Unclog sanibroyeurs , unclog sewers, repair gutters, install faucets and other plumbing fixtures. This professional can also help you with boiler maintenance, malfunctions or other problems with the central heating. The plumbers also know what to do with a leaking toilet or a toilet that is clogged. This is also the person you need when you connect your gas stove. If you have no experience in connecting these, there is a risk of gas leaks or fires.

What does a plumber cost

Are you curious about what you actually pay for a plumber? Plumbers who are affiliated with klantdirect are specialists in their field. We have plumbers all over the country. Plumbers in Amsterdam to Maastricht, Groningen to Zeeland, there are plumbers affiliated with our Klantdirect platform in all provinces of the country. Our plumbers charge a rate from € 65. Of course, the hourly rate of a plumber depends on the type of job that must be done. For example, you obviously pay less for boiler maintenance than for unblocking sewage. Before the work takes place, you must always receive a price indication, so that you never face surprises. You will find the jobs including corresponding prices in the overview below.

Plumber costs overview per hour

Plumber costs


Plumber costs per hour incl. VAT

€ 65

Emergency plumber costs

€ 87

plumber service costs

€ 29.95

emergency plumber service costs

€ 49.95

Unclogging a sink (no emergency)

€ 99

Unclogging a toilet (no emergency)

€ 115


Emergency plumber

Urgently looking for a plumber? Your central heating system always fails at the worst possible time. No problem. Our plumber emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for all possible emergency jobs. Submit a request to Klantdirect, and just like with other work, the plumber will contact you within 24 hours. If a central heating malfunction occurs, you could also consider sending a request to the central heating technicians we have made agreements with in order to guarantee our emergency service to the customer. Our system selects the type of request, which field, residence of the customer & working area of the plumber, and the plumber is selected on that basis. They will contact you knowing that they must act urgently & you will not be called by many different plumbers.

Work specifications of our plumbers

  • Gas and water pipe capping
  • Installing boiling water faucet
  • Routing pipe
  • Fixing leak in crawl space
  • Solving leak in the meter cupboard
  • Repairing leaking drain
  • Installing Quooker
  • Radiator replacement
  • Radiator valve replacement

Why plumbers from Klantdirect  

The supply of plumbers is huge . So how do you choose the right one? According to the Consumers’ Association, you have to watch out for rogue plumbing companies. You can choose to read reviews, but at klantdirect we are happy to save you the trouble. We only work with licensed plumbers. In addition, we have a strict door policy. We maintain a high-quality back office by monitoring them. Before they join our team, they go through a rigorous screening. But the assessment process doesn’t stop with us. Any customer can rate the craftsman or woman after the job. In addition to the internal review system, you can also find reviews about us on Google reviews or Trustpilot. When a craftsman does not meet our standards, they are removed from our system. This way, we can guarantee you only the best of the best. Without any effort, our plumbers will install your plumbing. Even fixing loose faucets for you is no problem. We also work with a ‘no worries’ guarantee. This guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with the execution of the job, we will look for a solution to make it so. Furthermore, it is wise to look for quality marks. These guarantee a certain level of quality, skill and service. Klantdirect is happy to save you the scavenger hunt for quality marks, as we only work with plumbers who have extensive experience in the industry. We require our plumbers to be flexible, knowledgeable and friendly. We also ask them to keep the customer well informed to avoid miscommunication. In addition, the plumbers must be insured. 

Tips & Benefits for Plumbers from Klantdirect

  • A plumber within 24 hours, Klantdirect will filter to the right plumber through the system
  • A non-emergency plumber is always cheaper than an emergency job, so consider whether the job can wait.
  • Comparing quotes. This is a thing of the past thanks to Klantdirect. We are on top of the prices in the market and therefore have sharp, clear, predetermined rates. This saves you a lot of searching and you never pay too much, Klantdirect also assures you that the work can be carried out quickly if needed, these are agreements between Klantdirect &amp, the plumbers.
  • Always check who exactly is responsible for the costs. If you are renting, chances are your landlord or housing association is responsible.
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