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Why insulate your home ?

Calling on an insulation company is an investment in your future. By insulating, in various ways, your enjoyment of living will improve significantly.

  • Lower energy bill: Calling an insulation company is primarily done with a view to maintaining the heat in your home. This way, you enjoy a pleasant indoor climate throughout the winter and in the summer the heat is kept out. This also reduces your heating costs and you immediately benefit from a lower energy bill.
  • No more noise pollution: Besides thermal insulation, our insulation company is also specialised in sound insulation. This way, you will no longer be bothered by unwanted noises and you will also have more privacy because the neighbours will no longer hear what is happening inside your walls.
  • Say goodbye to moisture problems: Insulating helps keep out moisture, mould and other filth.
  • Environmentally friendly: Having to heat less automatically leads to less CO2 emissions.
  • Your home value increases: A properly insulated home has a much higher market value than a property without insulation.
  • Possibility of getting grants: Those who insulate help to create a greener living environment and you will be rewarded for this by many Dutch towns and cities. Ask your municipality about the possibility of subsidies for contracting an insulation company.

What does an insulation company do?

An insulation company insulates your house, that makes sense! But in reality, the concept of %22insulating%22 is a bit more complicated than that. Insulating your home can be done for various reasons (as mentioned above), but of course heat preservation remains the most important motive. Specialists affiliated with Klantdirect take care of the professional insulation of walls, floors, facades, etc.

What are the costs for an insulation company?

The costs for an insulation company are influenced by several factors, whereby the insulation material and the surface to be insulated are the most price-determining factors. Accessibility also plays a role.

The surface to be insulated

Facade insulation

If you are thinking about wall insulation, the costs for the insulation company will strongly depend on the type of wall you want to insulate. The insulation of the cavity wall (= the cavity between your inner and outer wall) is relatively cheap because it is a simple job. For only € 20 per m2, this job is expertly done. If you want an even higher insulation value, it is recommended to have your inner and/or outer wall insulated. This requires a lot more work, and in this case, the costs for an insulation company can amount to € 100 to € 130 per m2.

Floor insulation

Floor insulation is mainly used in practice to form a barrier against moisture from the crawl space under the floor. In addition, our insulation company applies floor insulation for the benefit of heat preservation and it also has a sound dampening effect.

What does an insulation company cost when it comes to floor insulation? Take into account a price of approximately € 35 per m2.

Roof insulation

Heat rises, and therefore, the majority of heat is lost through the roof of a house. By insulating your attic or roof, you’ll save hundreds of euros on your energy bill and your home will gain considerable value. The costs for an insulation company depend on the type of roof and the side of the roof. The insulation of the inside of your roof, for example, will cost significantly less than the outside and an attic will be even cheaper. On average, the price for roof insulation varies between € 45 and € 70 per m2.

Crawl space insulation

As with floor insulation, insulating your crawl space also provides excellent protection against moisture and mould. Insulating your crawl space is relatively inexpensive, this job is done for € 20 to € 25 per m2.

Insulation materials

Exactly how much you will pay for the insulation of your floors, facades or roof depends on the insulation material chosen. The exact insulation material we use is not only determined by the surface that needs to be insulated but also by the properties of the material itself. We look at the environmental friendliness, the fire safety, the soundproofing effect, the moisture-resistant effect, the thermal behaviour, … and so on. Below, we briefly discuss the most commonly used materials.

-EPS pearls

EPS is the number one material for everyone who cares about the environment. EPS pearls are very durable and 100% recyclable. Moreover, EPS pearls are mould free, fireproof and not sensitive to moisture. EPS is less suitable for sound insulation. We install this material in your wall, in your floor or in your crawl space by using a special type of glue. This glue ensures that the pearls are attached to each other and cannot come loose. This material costs € 20 to € 25 per m2.

            -Glass wool

In contrast to EPS, glass wool functions perfectly as a sound buffer and also has a high thermal effect. Glass wool is environmentally friendly, fireproof and has a very long lifespan. Because glass wool is more sensitive to moisture than EPS, this material is mainly used indoors. Common applications are (wooden) floors, roofs and inner walls. Glass wool costs € 15 to € 20 per m2 which makes it one of the cheapest insulation materials.

–          PUR foam

PUR is ideal for insulating cavity walls, floors and roofs because of its extremely high insulation value. A disadvantage of this material is that it is relatively expensive and it is also not very environmentally friendly. For PUR you have to take into account a cost of € 25 to € 30 per m2.

Accessibility & Hours

When our craftsmen can get to the surface that needs to be insulated without any problems, the work can always be done quickly and the number of working hours remains limited. When it concerns a space that is difficult to reach, such as a sloping roof, logically more time is needed and this is reflected on your invoice. It goes without saying that the price tag for an insulation company goes hand in hand with the number of working hours of the specialists affiliated with Klantdirect BV.

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