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As of 2015, the professions of plumber and central heating technician have been separated. It used to be that it was a limited set of knowledge and similar techniques that you needed to practice both trades. Nowadays, each trade requires its own specific knowledge. 

A heating specialist is now exclusively concerned with central heating boilers and their installation, troubleshooting maintenance and central heating tuning. Most boilers hanging in consumers’ homes have a capacity of 40 kW. But in principle, every central heating boiler, including industrial ones and those for large buildings such as companies and public housing associations, works in the same way.

Professionals affiliated with Klantdirect specialise in properly maintaining central heating boilers and troubleshooting a central heating boiler failure. In the past, plumbers also did this work. Nowadays you hire a certified installer for the maintenance of your central heating boiler. We also have central heating technicians who can take care of a complete installation for you. We are happy to help you when you are looking for a professional for a central heating installation.

Central heating boiler maintenance by a technician

What does a technician do during boiler maintenance?

  • Cleaning the combustion parts
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Replacing gaskets
  • Pressurising the system
  • Gas / air mixture adjustment
  • Checking (wear) parts
  • Preventive parts replacement
  • Checking for leaks

In particular, the cleaning of the combustion parts and the correct gas and air mixture are activities that make the boiler much more economical. Boiler maintenance is therefore definitely worth it. An average family pays about 800 to 1200 Euros per year on their gas bill. A heating expert can make a positive difference by carrying out maintenance on your central heating boiler. Moreover, regular maintenance extends the life of the boiler and you run less risk of malfunctions.

Boiler repair by a technician

  • Heat pump repair
  • Nefit boiler malfunction
  • Installing a flue pipe
  • Vaillant boiler malfunction
  • Heat pump installation

Central heating boiler malfunction

Is the central heating not working despite maintenance due to a boiler breakdown? No worries. One of our heating technicians will be happy to come and help you. Even with urgency. Place your request, then our automation system selects the right boiler technician who is based in your area and / or works there. The technician will often contact you within 60 minutes. Faults occur most often just after the summer when it starts getting colder. The boiler has been off all summer. That is, until the temperature outside begins to drop and falls below 10 degrees in the evening. When heating starts, it has been a known fact for years that there is a peak in requests surrounding boiler failure. 

When you start up the boiler again after a long time, the following happens: the three-way valve, the pump and other mechanical parts that have been unused for months start moving again. That is when failures occur. The central heating circuit is a separate circuit from the hot water. The water for the taps is already pressurised. The technician does not need to do anything about this. But the heating circuit is a different story and requires a pump. Our central heating technicians can help you with faults on various appliances. For instance, with a remeha avanta fault 35c, e5, e4, but also with AWB boiler faults.

Need a central heating technician

Thanks to our national coverage, we have central heating installers throughout the country, such as in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. We have made clear agreements with the heating technicians that if a consumer makes a request, they must respond within 60 minutes, because practice has shown that if something is wrong with a heating system, the consumer is left with a problem. This is why we also recommend timely maintenance of your boiler by our fitters. You can place requests via our website day and night. You can call on us for all your central heating boiler problems. Do you have questions or remarks? You can reach us 7 days a week. Once the work has been carried out, the fitter will discuss with you how the invoice is to be paid, many fitters also have an debit card machine. If not, an itemised invoice will be sent via e-mail with an IDEAL link where you can pay the invoice safely.

Need a central heating technician?

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