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A facade specialist has various tasks and ensures that the facade is fully cleaned. If the facade is damaged, a facade specialist can repair or replace the damaged material. A facade specialist can also give your facade a new look and finish the material in a style and colour of your choice.

Often the facade has an important influence on the entire atmosphere of your home. If your facade no longer looks good, it is therefore always advisable to give your facade a fresh and good refurbishment.

Besides the fact that a fresh and clean facade gives your home a more beautiful appearance, a well-maintained facade also ensures that moisture and frost damage can be prevented as much as possible. This means that you are less likely to experience moisture problems indoors and that the quality of the material used for the facade is better guaranteed. A regular maintenance or a complete renewal of the facade is therefore important for the entire value of your home.

Before you call in a specialised professional, it is important that you check whether your facade meets the requirements to be replaced. In some cases you need a permit to make changes to the facade, and in some cases making changes is not allowed, for example when you live in a monumental building. Therefore, always check whether your home has to meet certain conditions if you want to have work done on the facade. Of course, cleaning work is excluded from this and you can have it done for all types of homes.

Facade work is often difficult work that needs to be done at height. Many people therefore choose to outsource this to a specialist. A facade expert carries out various tasks. In general, facade work consists of cleaning, aligning joints, impregnation and repair work.

A thorough cleaning is often the first step that a facade specialist starts with. Most facades are very susceptible to algae and moss growth and need to be cleaned regularly. Plant and mould growth can be harmful to the material and can even cause a serious decline in quality and moisture problems. A specialist will ensure that the facade is thoroughly cleaned (also known as steam cleaning) and will thoroughly remove moss, algae and any ivy or other undesirable plant growth.

A facade should be well protected against severe weather conditions. If the material of the facade is damaged or in need of replacement, the material can no longer offer good protection against the weather, which makes the material susceptible to mould growth or moisture problems. This can reduce the value of your home. A common part of facade work is therefore to impregnate the facade. The impregnation of your facade is a specialist job in which a professional applies a special water-repellent layer to the facade. This layer ensures that the material of the facade remains optimally protected and therefore has a longer life.

Repair work
If the material of the facade is damaged to such an extent, it is advisable to have the material completely repaired or replaced. A specialist will carry out repairs. In most cases, new material is applied and it is decided to have the new material impregnated immediately. This prevents the material from having to be replaced again in the short term. A fully repaired facade will look as good as new again and will increase the value of your home.

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