MVO, corporate social responsibility



KLANTDIRECT recognizes its social responsibility as part of society. Klantdirect respects the cultural, social, political and legal diversity of societies and nations.

Within the framework of applicable laws and regulations, Clientdirect strives to align business goals with social and environmental obligations. In addition, Klantdirect also wants to enter into a dialogue with its social environment in order to work with other parties on a sustainable future. Another policy objective is to control the impact of our own activities on the environment as efficiently as possible and to pursue sustainable business operations. We want to make a good contribution to society by using safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. Important here is knowledge of the origin of a product, was child labor involved? Is it responsible wood (FSC approved)? We work on safe and sustainable business operations, whereby possible negative effects on the social environment (impact on the environment and energy consumption) are kept to a minimum. We do this by, for example, working together with suppliers to optimize transport. We want to reduce the number of kilometers commuting and the energy label is taken into account when purchasing new company cars.

Klantdirect chooses to think about the consequences of the company’s actions for society and to make conscious choices in this regard.

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