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Looking for a carpenter? Customer Direct has craftsmen ready to work on your behalf. Moreover, carpentry is craftsmanship. If you start doing it yourself, you can easily miss the mark. With our craftsmen you will hit the nail on the head. A carpentry company is also a specialist for many different jobs. With a carpenter -also sometimes called a joiner- experience and knowledge play an important role, precisely because the work varies so much. On this page, you will find information on why hiring carpenters via Klantdirect can offer you benefits.

Our carpenters specialise in certain jobs. The all-round carpenters who are affiliated with Klantdirect. Is the job you want done not listed? No problem. Through our platform, indicate what work you need done, and a certified Carpenter will contact you within 24 hours, and will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your needs. Klantdirect has national coverage, so there is always a professional in the area who can quickly take care of your work, from hanging a door to a complete construction.

What jobs can you have done?

You name it, our carpenters will do it. Whether you want a walk-in closet, custom furniture, a staircase renovation, laminate flooring or a cove for a kitchen appliance, a fascia board for around your gutters, new sides for your dormer, our carpenters can do it all. In the paragraphs below we highlight the most common jobs:

Installing a door

At first glance, this may not be the most difficult job, but it is a very precise one. Hanging and determining the turning and hanging seams is a very precise job. Sometimes you even have to take into account the humidity, for example when you choose to hang a solid door. If you are not a natural-born DIY-er, installing a door is really a job to leave to an expert. A carpenter from Klantdirect can easily help you with this.

Installing hinges and locks

Do you have a repair job or do you want to replace the hinges and locks? Not a problem for our carpenters. Or maybe you’ve just installed a new door in your home. When placing a new door, it also means that you are going to adjust the construction of your wall. A job you would like to leave to one of our carpenters. Also think about the SKG police quality mark when placing new hinges and locks in or on your home

The treatment of wood rot

Did you want to do it yourself but are you running into problems in window frames or other parts of the house? Wood rot is a common problem and often goes unnoticed. You can recognise wood rot by:

  • A brown or black discolouration on untreated wood
  • Cracks in the paint layer
  • Blisters in the paint layer
  • Dents in the wood
  • Parts of the wood coming loose

When you spot wood rot, you are often already too late to limit the damage. Poor maintenance or painting is often the cause of wood rot. Besides good painting by a painter, good sealing by a plumber – see Klantdirect plumbers – is also important to prevent wood rot. The prevention and treatment of wood rot are tasks that our carpenters know how to do.

Installing a roof window

Do you have a dark attic that could use some light? Installing a roof window requires craftsmanship and must be done safely, where precision and experience play a major role. You can leave this job to our carpenters. They will install your roof window professionally. Our craftsmen will take care of the measuring of the door/frame, saw a hole for your roof window, fix the frame, install the window, install flashings and put the roof tiles back in place. Our roofers also have personnel who are specialists in this field.

Installing a sill

A sill is the top and bottom of a door or window frame. Most people know sills by the name of thresholds. When installing a door or window, there is always space between the window or door and the space in which it is placed. If you didn’t install a sill, you would end up with an unsightly gap under your door. Outside in a door or window frame, they ensure that water cannot run inside. A sill also ensures that drafts do not blow in from outside. This makes a sill an essential component when installing a door or window frame. Our joiners will be happy to help you.

Making a canopy

Do you want to create a canopy in the garden? You can place the canopy on your house, making it an extension of your home. But a canopy on your barn or gazebo is also possible. A canopy is both functional and decorative. Your terrace will get a beautiful look. In addition, a canopy allows you to get much more out of your garden. If the weather is not quite right for sitting outside (which is more the rule than the exception in the Netherlands), a canopy offers the perfect solution.

Installing a radiator cover

Everyone wants to be warm and cosy when the weather is bad. An ugly radiator is often an eyesore in a beautifully decorated home. With a radiator cover, you can turn that functional radiator into a beautiful part of your interior. An additional advantage is that the radiator will no longer feel too warm. This way you protect your kids and furry housemates from accidents. Radiator covers come in all sorts of styles and materials. A carpenter can help you find the perfect match and can quickly install your radiator cover. 

Installing a fence

Is your fence about to blow over with the next weather alert? Then your fence could use some reinforcement, or even needs to be completely replaced. Or maybe you just want more privacy in the garden. Our carpenters can help you with that and are happy to install a fence for you.

What can a carpenter do for your interior?

Are you looking for a new interior for your home or business? Our craftsmen do not depend on fixed dimensions and will make a custom cabinet for you. They can also help you with, for example, installing a staircase, as well as making television cabinets, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

Carpenter jobs

Furthermore, our carpenters will be happy to help you with the following jobs: installing a mailbox, installing an interior wall, installing a ceiling, installing a sliding door, shortening a door or installing a steel door. Are there any jobs that have not been mentioned here, such as realising a custom kitchen island? Via our site WWW.KLANTDIRECT.NL, you fill in the description of specific activities, then the Carpenter will contact you, and based on your schedule & timeframe of our carpenter, a non-binding quotation appointment will be scheduled to make the right offer. In consultation with you, this will result in an order confirmationand an implementation date will be scheduled.

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