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Solar panel cleaning by a specialist

Many a roof is already covered with them and for good reason. Installing solar panels on your roof is a smart move. You can produce your own sustainable energy by using a 100% green energy source and you also contribute to a sustainable world. Your wallet will be happy too, your energy bill will be a lot lower. An investment will pay for itself after about seven years. If you consider that with annual cleaning and a technical inspection by one of the professionals that Klantdirect brings into contact with you, a solar panel lasts more than 25 years, you still have about 18 years of free electricity.
The way solar panels work is very simple. The sun provides energy in the form of light and heat. The sunlight is converted into electricity by the solar cells on your solar panels. You cannot use this electricity yet. For this you need an inverter, which brings this electricity to your meter cupboard and converts it into alternating current.

Cleaning solar panels

If you have solar panels on your house, at some point you will have to clean them. In principle, solar panels are low maintenance and it is claimed by some that they almost never need to be cleaned. Most solar panels have a self-cleaning coating. The slanted position of the solar panels, in combination with this coating, means that when it rains, dust and dirt are basically washed away by themselves. However, it is recommended that you not only check your solar panels for dirt regularly, but also clean them at least once a year. You do not have to do this yourself. Save scary antics on the roof, staggering on a high ladder, hiring an aerial platform and so on. Klantdirect has companies that clean your solar panels. They will have this job at height, cleaning your solar panels, done in no time.

Higher efficiency through clean solar panels

By regularly cleaning your solar panels (or having them cleaned), your solar panels will yield more, because deposits and dirt can block the sunlight. This reduces the daily yield. In addition, less dirt will also be to adhere to a clean surface. Various studies show that periodic solar panel cleaning can yield a gain of three to ten percent. This way, you can save a lot on your energy bill. The benefit ultimately depends on the degree of pollution, the slope and the location of the solar panels. The costs of solar panel cleaning is not reason not to do it.

Lifespan of solar panels

If you maintain your solar panels professionally by cleaning them and subjecting them to a technical inspection, this has a favourable impact on the service life of your solar panels. They will last longer. If dirt, dust, bird droppings, atmospheric pollution or lime deposits are not removed in time, they can burn into the solar panel under the influence of the sun. This will permanently damage the surface. This in turn has a detrimental effect on the efficiency. 

If you live near the coast, a railway line, a building site or an industrial zone, this effect of burning in is even more pronounced. There is more particulate matter, brake dust and sand in the air around these kinds of places. Our experts have all the necessary equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers, special maintenance products and, of course, only demineralised water is used to clean your solar panels. All these materials are already included in the cost of solar panel cleaning.

Besides contributing to a higher efficiency, clean solar panels also have a fresh and tidy appearance. This in turn benefits the appearance of your home. A well-maintained and cared-for home has a higher value. That alone makes the investment of periodic maintenance more than worth it. The costs of solar panel cleaning are very reasonable.

Technical inspection

In addition to professional cleaning by a company via Klantdirect, it is also advisable to have your solar panels checked for any damage or defects once every five years. This technical inspection is best carried out by a specialist. This technical inspection looks for any cracks or fractures in the solar panels and checks for possible loose cabling and fasteners. Together with annual cleaning, a technical inspection contributes to an optimal yield and a long life (up to 25 years) of your solar panels. (see our leak detection specialists)

Best period for cleaning solar panels

Spring is the best time to clean your solar panels. With clean solar panels, you achieve the highest returns in the months of May, June and July, when there are the most hours of sunshine. You should therefore ask for a solar panel cleaner in March or April so that they can contact you in good time and then draw up a schedule that also fits in with your schedule. Don’t wait too long, as spring is a popular time for this. If there are a lot of deciduous trees near your solar panels, it makes sense to have an inspection and cleaning of your solar panels carried out in the autumn.

So what does solar panel cleaning cost?

The costs of cleaning solar panels are relatively low. The companies often charge per solar panel, taking into account that if several homes (for example, close neighbours) are involved in the cleaning, it is often beneficial just because the solar panel cleaners do not have to schedule a follow-up appointment. The total amount that you have to pay for solar panel cleaning naturally depends on the surface of your solar panels, the degree of soiling and the accessibility.

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