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Too much dirt in your gutters can prevent the water from draining away properly. The drainpipe can also become blocked. Intervene in time and prevent water damage. Make an appointment directly with a company of Klantdirect, because these companies are specialised in this, work competently & as in other fields (chimney sweeps, roofers, facade specialists), the professionals are operational nationwide, Klantdirect takes into account where the work has to be realised and will arrange for gutter cleaners from the area of the consumer.

Cleaning the gutter is very important. Pretty much every house has gutters, and that is a good thing. How else should rainwater be drained away? If the rainwater remains, there is a great chance of leakages. This is also the main reason why gutters need to be cleaned. You wouldn’t be the first to put off cleaning your gutters for too long and end up with a nasty leak. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in additional costs. This means that you will end up paying even more than if you had cleaned your gutters in time. Do you clean your gutters yourself? If you know how to do this, that is not a problem. Of course, you can also call in a professional. Then you can be absolutely sure that your gutters are cleaned in a professional manner. In that case, you won’t have to worry about annoying leaks for the time being. In order to save on costs, it is always a good idea to have your gutters cleaned at the same time as your neighbours.

Now you may be asking yourself: why is gutter cleaning so important? Rainwater isn’t that dirty, is it? No, that’s true, but why is cleaning important?

  • Blockage by leaves and twigs
  • Blown away leaves that end up in your gutters
  • Dirt such as moss – often from the roof tiles

If you don’t remove all this dirt regularly, you run the risk of a clogged gutter. The rainwater stays in the gutter. Proper drainage is prevented by the dirt present in the gutter. Now the rainwater stays on the roof. That’s all there is to it. The water can also start leaking through your deck. This is, of course, very unpleasant and costs can mount quickly. By opting for gutter cleaners, you can prevent these issues.

It is also important to look at the accessibility of the gutter. If you have a veranda behind your house, for example, it is often more difficult to place a ladder. Usually in consultation with the professional, it is possible to go over the roof to safely clean your gutter. This is also the case if you have an extension or a conservatory. Of course, this depends on your local situation. So the cost of gutter cleaning depends on several factors. Normally, a price per metre is used, which can be a higher rate in case of overdue maintenance.

Having the gutter cleaned together with the neighbours ?

Making an appointment together with the neighbours is always useful and, since there is often no partition between you and your closest neighbours, dirt can always run back into your gutter. By the way, you can also discuss this with the gutter cleaners that Klantdirect has selected in their platform & referred to you. The company can give you a quote for this to be installed at your house. You can also have small leaks in the gutter (e.g. welding seam) repaired in consultation with the company. The company can also fully provide you with possible protections for water drains, you can think of leaf traps and or complete bird protections that can be mounted in the gutter. In consultation with, a correct price agreement and a follow-up appointment can be scheduled with the company If you want the work to be carried out at the same time you can make this known, the gutter cleaners will check based on their planning whether the work can be carried out simultaneously.

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