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Most good licensed electricians are plenty busy. Stop calling around, we’ll take care of it for you. If you have already looked around, you will have noticed that there are many different rates. Klantdirect only works with licensed electricians. After all, you don’t want any fiddling in the meter cupboard. On this page you will find more information about the different activities of electricians, what an electrician costs, what you can do in case of power failure, how you can prevent short circuits and what you should do if you can’t ground.

Thanks to our nationwide network, we can help you throughout the Netherlands. Of course, our website is available 24/7. Therefore, we almost always have an electrician near you. You can also contact our customer service any day of the week.

The most common jobs an electrician does are:

  • Remedy a short circuit
  • Connecting Perilex plugs
  • Installing distribution board
  • Grounding
  • Connecting electrical appliances

Requests submitted by consumers through Klantdirect in recent years

  • Routing electrical cables
  • Repairing/installing intercom
  • Installing cable duct
  • Installing power current
  • Home charging station
  • Installing pull switch

Certified electrician

Let’s cut something short: working with electrics involves risks. If you’re not too fond of voltage, don’t know how to install electrical points or electrical installations, it’s better to leave such a job to a well-trained electrician. Safety first, right? At Klantdirect, we work with the safest materials and only have certified electricians under our wings. A certified electrician has demonstrable theoretical knowledge and practical experience which has earned him or her recognition from a trade organisation. A certified electrician is also insured and that is important considering the human work involved. A mistake made by an electrician could otherwise cost you dearly.

What does an electrician cost?

The cost of a licensed electrician is generally higher than an electrician without certifications. This is logically related to the additional costs of annual continuing education and membership in a trade association.

Anyone who hires an electrician should count on the normal rate you pay at a professional. Count on at least €79 per hour including VAT as costs for the electrician. Ion top of that will be any materials required. We have a large network of electricians with national coverage. We can help you in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and the rest of the Randstad. But also far outside the Randstad, in cities like Nijmegen, Enschede and Groningen, and in Zeeland, there are electricians that are connected to our platform.

When you have your electricity replaced because it is outdated, you have to pay the costs yourself, at least assuming that you live in a private home. If you live in rented accommodation, you can speak to the landlord. In case of dangerous situations, the landlord will usually immediately take action themselves. If you renew the installation or adapt it to make it more sustainable and energy efficient, you may be eligible for a subsidy. In that case, the costs are not directly reimbursed by the insurance, but you can pay them from the subsidy.

Sometimes you can recover the costs you incur from an electrician from a contents insurance policy. For example, in the event of a short circuit or other malfunction that is not your fault. This depends on the coverage and policy values.

Mandatory inspection of installations

The contents or fire insurance of business premises or large residential buildings will require an electrical installation to be inspected. Of course, you have to pay the costs of the inspection yourself. We serve both companies and private individuals for all these kinds of jobs. 

What can you do with power outages?

Always check the meter box first in the event of a power outage. Which fuse is out? Check which group the plug belongs to and then check which device is causing the short circuit. Then remove the relevant plug from the socket and push the fuse back up. Don’t know which device is causing the short circuit? Then first unplug all the plugs that belong to this group. Then engage your fuse again, and put the plugs back one by one. You will then see which device causes the fuse to go out again.

No solution? Then call in Klantdirect. We are also available outside of office hours to help you quickly. Via www.klantdirect.nl, you can fill in your details and a certified electrician will contact you. Is the power failure not caused by one of your appliances or your fuse box? Then always report the power outage to the National Fault Number Gas and Power.

How do I prevent short circuits?

Short circuits occur on a regular basis. In many cases, electrical installations are protected so that they are immediately switched off in the event of a short circuit. This makes the risk of fire very small. Even so, prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we would like to give you some tips on what you can do to prevent short circuits.

  • Make sure your electrical appliances have enough ventilation. So don’t put other stuff on top of appliances, which can block ventilation.
  • Never connect more than one power strip together. This causes bad connections, which in turn can get hot and cause a fire.
  • Keep the back of your refrigerator free of dust and empty the dust filter after every use of the dryer.
  • Replace or clean the filters in your extraction hood regularly.
  • Regularly check electrical cables for damage in the insulating layer.
  • Never use more amps than allowed.
  • Choose electrical appliances with a VDE or KEMA quality mark.
  • Always unplug at the plug end only. Never pull on cords to remove plugs. This can cause the insulation layer to tear loose.

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