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What does a painter cost?

Of course, you want a professional who knows what he/she is doing. You don’t want a painter who doesn’t care about anything and messes up your palace. If you want the best result, leave the painting to an experienced specialist. A painter with a lot of knowledge and experience has, in our opinion, earned a healthy hourly rate. After all, painters affiliated with Klantdirect will ensure that your home looks fantastic again, down to the last detail. Plus, when hiring a painter through Klantdirect, it helps to look at the bigger picture. It saves you searching for a painter, you don’t have to waste vacation days and it saves you seas of time. Our painters have all the tools at their disposal. Plus, the buying or renting of materials is not a worry for you either. Moreover, a painter can pretty much do the job with their eyes closed. And even then, they probably get it done twice as fast. Is the job done? The painter takes all the waste and the materials back with them, so you can immediately shine in your new, refreshed palace. Painters affiliated with our platform must be 100% insured. This is very convenient if your belongings accidentally get covered in paint. Quality is very important to us. That’s why we offer the ‘no worries’ guarantee This guarantee means that if you are not satisfied in any way, we will support you to find a proper solution with the painter who did the work for you & you are 100% satisfied.

Cost overview for painting jobs.

Type of painting job


Starting price per hour incl. VAT

€ 69,-

Rush painting jobs

€ 89,-


€ 39,95

Service costs with rush

€ 49.50

Drawing up quotations for interior and exterior paintwork                         €   0.00

Uurtarief schilder

Customers often ask us the question, ”What exactly does a painter cost per hour?” Our affiliated painters work with predetermined, transparent prices. So you never face any surprises. The hourly rate of a painter comes about because we keep a close eye on the market, so you never pay too much per hour. Painting work including VAT is possible with us from 9 euros per m2. This is the price for latex spraying. Although we want to make our prices as clear as possible online, the cost of a painting job can vary. Photos or an advance visit by the painter are necessary to determine the actual situation. The condition of the material to be painted is important. A bad wall may need several coats of paint to cover well, as opposed to a wall that has been freshly plastered. There are many factors that must be evaluated before an exact price can be estimated. But even then, the professional painter may come across unforeseen circumstances. For example, if wood repairs need to be done first, there is moisture in the wall, or it needs to be sanded before it can be painted. For small painting jobs, we can work with the rates as you see in the pricing table above. For larger jobs, we will always work with a painter’s quote. Of course, we listen carefully to your wishes as a customer here and clear agreements will be made.

Saving on painting costs

  • Make sure you have already picked the right paint colour prior to the job. This will save the painter time, as they would otherwise have to come to you first to briefly discuss what colour it should be. 
  • Clear the space before our painter arrives. If they have to drag your furniture around themselves, this will require a lot of extra work, which in turn will cost you more.
  • You can choose to tackle parts that need to be sanded in advance yourself.
  • You can degrease walls in advance.
  • If you are looking for a painter in Amsterdam: try to reserve a free (or cheap) parking spot, as there are many cities where if you live near the centre, there are high fees for parking, even if the professional comes to you to give you a free quote or to schedule a measuring appointment. The parking fees are passed on to the customer.

Painting exterior concrete

Painting your exterior wall is a quick and easy way to spruce up your home’s exterior. Moreover, such a new layer of paint also protects your exterior wall against moisture. And if you’re going to tackle the outside wall anyway, paint the facade too. By painting your facade, you will make your house look good again. Of course, you have to take the time of year into account. In the winter, the weather conditions are not optimal. If you want to paint outside during that time, you can get a special winter painter for outdoor painting. These painters use a special paint which dries much faster, making it suitable for use in low temperatures. But beware: extreme weather conditions or freezing temperatures are beyond even a winter painter’s skills. In that case, even they cannot paint your house. The optimal temperature for painting outside is between 5 and 25 degrees.

Painting window frames

Paintwork on your window frames will last for years, provided you keep it clean regularly. The ventilation in your home is also important. If you are going to start painting window frames, take into account an average life of between three and five years. Of course, the life depends on weather conditions and location. For the inside painting of window frames, the average life is five to seven years. Do you want to know if your window frames need to be touched up? Then check for cracks, blisters, or even pieces of paint that have come loose.

Step-by-step plan for painting window frames yourself

Especially if you are going to paint window frames outside yourself, good pre-treatment is at least as important as choosing the right paint. If you are going to do this yourself, be prepared. Especially if there is damage, it can be quite the task!

Step 1: The condition of the frame

Before you can get started, you need to determine the condition of the window frame. Do you see cracks, blisters or is the paint even peeling off? That is a sign that the paint no longer adheres well. You will first have to remove the old paint layer. First remove dirt and loose paint with a brush and a paint scraper.

Step 2: Heating up old paint with a paint dryer

To remove paint, it is best to use a paint dryer. Always work in steps of 10 cm areas. A paint dryer is less of a fire hazard than a paint burner, and is a lot easier to work with. But watch out! When melting old paint residue, heat and harmful fumes are released. Always use gloves when doing this paint job and protect windows or walls from overheating. Always dispose of old paint residues as small chemical waste, think of the environment!

Step 3: Removing old paint

Remove the still warm paint layer with a scraper right away. Always do this carefully: use the scraper upright and do not apply too much force. Repairing damaged wood is not an easy task and will give you a lot of extra work. Always ask for in the hardware store about the type of scraper you should use. Always make sure that the scraper is sharp, so you can make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Step 4: Chemical – stripper

For areas where the use of a paint dryer is not possible, you can use stripper. Apply it evenly with a brush and let it soak in for 20 minutes. Watch out! This is hazardous stuff. Always use gloves and safety glasses. During this work we recommend that you also ventilate your house well,

Step 5: Scraping paint

Time to use the scraper again. Remove the dissolved paint. Repeat this until the wood is completely bare. After this you thoroughly clean and dust the wooden window frames. Now you’re ready to rumble! Tip: Are you going to paint plastic, steel or aluminium window frames? Generally, these window frames already come in the desired color and paint adheres poorly to aluminium or plastic. Painting these materials requires skill. For a nice end result, we always recommend using a professional painter for these materials.

Painting wall

If you’re going to do your own house painting, please don’t skimp on the paint. The following applies here: cheap is expensive. Budget paint may seem attractive, but it damages much faster and you need much more paint to get the surface covered. We at Klantdirect bv recommend Sigma or Sikkens paint. Should you consider hiring a painter via Klantdirect: professional painting companies often offer a warranty on the work delivered. This means that if the paint starts flaking or discolouring within the warranty period, it must be repainted. Our painters work exclusively with quality paint, in consultation with you. If you do choose budget paint, our painters must supply it or you yourself must have the paint. If you do choose budget paint, do our painters have to supply it or do you own the paint yourself? This may have consequences for the result, the durability of the paint, the duration of the job and the warranty period. 

Paint sprayers


  • You don’t have to deal with lines or streaks.
  • Spray painting is completed faster
  • The price per m2 is lower.
  • There is simultaneous drying.
  • You can quickly paint large areas


  • A lot of mist is formed
  • There is a lot of cleaning work afterwards.
  • Much more masking and covering is required.

Painting door

Painting doors. You may think that this is an easy task, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thorough preparation is also important here: it requires a lot of patience and accuracy. Do-it-yourself is an option. But if, with a little self-knowledge, you come to the conclusion that this might not be the best choice: hire a professional painter.

Tips for painting doors:

·        painting doors without streaks

No one wants streaks on their door. Therefore, always ensure a good primer. Make sure the paint is evenly distributed. For the small corners you can use a brush. Do not roll the paint too thickly on the door and always roll it out well. It is also important to always paint with the grain of the wood.

·        Painting a door: which roller should I use?

A painter usually uses an extra fine foam roller, ten centimetres wide. A roller spreads the paint more evenly and prevents sags or drips. Also, to avoid tears or drips, make sure each layer of paint is not too thick. Always proceed horizontally first, and then vertically, to have the strokes overlap each other.

·        Painting a door: detach or not?

You may think that leaving the door in the hinges is the easiest way to paint the door. However, you always achieve the best results by detaching the door and laying it down on two supports.

Local painters in your area via Klantdirect

Need a painter? Don’t exactly feel like a Rembrandt or van Gogh yourself? Klantdirect has national coverage and so we always have a painter in your area. We have painters who meet your requirements. Through our platform you request a painter – exterior painting or interior painting? Please indicate what needs to be painted – from 1 door to entire houses – from fascia boards to dormers. Our automatic system selects the painter for the job, and they will contact you.

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