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A leak on the roof or inside the house can have many causes. It is often difficult to discover what caused the leaks.

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LEAK DETECTION: activities and approximate prices

A leak can have a variety of causes and occur in a variety of locations. A leak on the roof, a leak in the bathroom or a leak on the ceiling. Of course, it is important to get these leaks fixed as soon as possible. By doing so, you can help prevent substantial damage to your home. Consequential damage from the source is often an expense you do not want.

Different types of leaks

A leak problem often occurs due to negligent maintenance of the home or unprofessional installations of plumbing fixtures. In addition, a leak can often quickly increase in size. Therefore, a leak should always be fixed quickly. A leak can occur anywhere in the home. The most common leak problems occur in a bathroom, the ceiling or the floor.

Bathroom and toilet leakage

A leakage problem in the bathroom or toilet can have several causes. For example, a leak can be caused by a broken or leaking shower pan or by poorly installed plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet or sink. With these types of leakage problems, it is important that the cause is identified quickly and the problem can be dealt with efficiently.
Detecting a leak in the bathroom or toilet is often difficult. For example, the leak in the bathroom or toilet can be behind the tiling or under plumbing fixtures.

Ceiling or floor leak

A leak in the ceiling or floor generally occurs fairly often. Especially in older homes or poorly maintained homes, a leak on the floor or ceiling can easily occur. This can happen, for example, due to excessive rainfall on a flat roof, where water is not properly drained by the gutter, or due to long-term moisture problems that have worsened and caused damage to the walls.
A leak in the floor or ceiling is generally not always discovered immediately, and detecting leaks is therefore often difficult. For example, the leakage problem may not be visible at first because of a second wall or because of floor covering. However, over the long term, this can worsen in the form of damp spots or a musty smell.

Methods of detecting leaks

To prevent substantial damage to your home, such as rotten wood or unhygienic moisture spots, it is important to detect a leakage problem early.
Detecting a leakage problem can be done in various ways. This usually involves the help of an expert. A specialist can use technical equipment to see where the source of the leak is. A specialist can trace a leak using the following tools and has specific methods to ensure that the source of the leak problem can be found without having to do any major breaking and cutting

  • A thermographic camera
  • A thermal imaging camera
  • A moisture measurement
  • A tracer gas
  • Colour analysis
  • Infrared
  • A sewage camera

Methods of solving a leakage problem

Once a leakage problem has been identified, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. For example, a leaking pipe can be repaired or walls can be re-insulated and tiled. This is often a complicated job, especially if the professional cannot easily reach the leak and has to make a hole in the home to do so.
If the roof is found to have a leak, the tiles often need to be replaced and a new roof panel may be installed. It is also important to replace the insulation material used to insulate the walls. Due to exposure to moisture or water from outside, the value of the insulation material may have decreased and no longer provide the proper insulation that is important.

Preventing a leakage problem

Of course, it is always better to prevent a leak problem. Although not every leak problem can be prevented, there are some measures you can take into account to reduce the risk of a leak in your home. For example, you can regularly check your water pipes and see if any damage can be detected. You can also turn off the water pipes in rooms that are not heated during frosty days. This will prevent the pipes from freezing and breaking as a result.
In addition, make sure your home is well insulated. By keeping cold and moisture out as carefully as possible, you can ensure the quality of your walls and thus help prevent any leakage problem.

Price estimates for leakage repair

To have a leak professionally detected and fixed, the help of a professional is important. The costs for this vary greatly. The costs depend on things like the type of leak problem, the handling and any additional costs, such as for possible demolition work or for the installation of new pipes or new plumbing.
To get an idea of the costs, you can assume an estimated price of between 300 and 400 euros. When the cause of the leakage problem is clear, and no investigation is needed, you can save on this amount.
If you would like to receive more specific information, and are curious about the prices for your situation, you can easily request more information from Klantdirect; we will put you in touch with the right specialist to answer your question

Leak problem solved by an expert

Would you like to locate a leak or get help with expertly fixing a leak problem? Fill out the request form and Klantdirect will make sure a specialist will contact you. You can often have the detection done on the same day, or the agreements between Klantdirect & specialists – within 24 hours, they should have fixed you problem.
A specialist can also help you to prevent future leaks by professionally installing and repairing new pipes, new plumbing or when repairing walls and floors. A specialist can offer you extensive advice on the right methods and the types of materials needed for this.

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