Advice & Tips


1. Inform Company

If a company contacts you and they want to give you a quote, describe the work you want done as clearly as possible. Be as specific as possible. Put everything in writing as much as possible, so that it is clear to both parties what you have agreed. Think about preparatory work, disposal of waste and agreements on surplus materials.
Remember that the agreement applies not only to the company, but also to you. If you have made an agreement, you cannot expect to be able to change your mind halfway through the assignment without incurring costs. It is also important to set delivery dates, for example. That way, everyone knows what has to be delivered when. Take the weather into account, as it may affect the execution of the work.

2. Compare Quotations

Request quotes from several companies; the advice is not to do this through our platform, We have already made a selection so that the right company will make the quote for you. Try to compare these proposals as well as possible and possibly contact the company for additional information. That way, you will get a good understanding of what a company offers. Look carefully at what they offer: are costs broken down or do they specify a total price, is there information given about the time they expect to spend, and so on. 
Remember that in most cases this is an estimate of work. It is therefore not a legally binding agreement, but an indication of the price. Therefore, always make sure that you get the final agreements about the price on paper. The company will also provide you with an order confirmation following the agreements.

3. Referrals

Ask the company for referrals, so you can see if similar work previously done is at a level that is desirable to you. If you are planning to have a major remodel or job done, it is a good idea to see if you can visit one or two of the referred jobs. This gives you a good impression of the work of the company that you will be using in the future. Klantdirect also has referred jobs that the professional has done in the past through the platform.

4. Insurance and warranty terms

Be sure that your business is properly insured. A specified company will have (business) liability insurance that will cover any damage to property belonging to you or your neighbours. Feel free to ask the company about it. Make sure you get a warranty on the work done and the materials. Also specify for how many years this warranty is valid and for which materials. Keep in mind that the warranty can be voided if it can be shown that you have done too little maintenance (e.g. you get wood rot in the frame of you dormer, but you never painted the dormer after installation).

5. Materials

Depending on the type of project, sometimes the company will need an advance to buy the materials. That’s fine, but make sure you have black and white information on how much money they need and for exactly what materials it is. When the materials are purchased, ask for the invoice so you know it matches what you previously agreed upon. Ask about the quality of the materials and why a particular material was chosen. With certain materials, the company will also issue a warranty certificate in connection with a warranty from the supplier to the company (think of e.g. chimney protections).

6. Payments

Make clear agreements on the invoice that you will receive after completion of the work. Make sure any payments coincide with key phases/milestones of the job. That way, you can check in stages whether you are satisfied with the work. Also make clear agreements on when any additional work will be paid: within the period when additional work has been carried out or at the end of all the work with the final settlement? It is very important for you to put in writing how the payment will be made: will this be done via a mobile debit machine, will the invoice be paid via internet banking, is there a payment term for paying the invoice? Does the company use IDEAL payment? If you have agreed to pay in cash, have the company also state this on the order confirmation.

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