Since 2012, they have been coming to clean our dormers every 2 years. Friendly guys, and for the last 4 years, they have also been cleaning our weather vanes & we also have them clean the eaves of the gutters at the same time.



Ms van het Echt – Eindhoven

Fast service

Had a company clean our solar panels via Klantdirect since 2017. Due to private circumstances, we were forced to have another company perform this cleaning work in 2020, last spring again with the company that had approached us via Klantdirect. Very satisfied



Mr Kardol – Roosendaal

Very satisfied

Last autumn, we found a huge leak in our attic. We immediately made a request – we were contacted by a company that fixed the leak on the same day.



Mr Meesters – Hilversum

24h service

Where in 2019 we were overwhelmed by a company from the North of the country, and we had to pay a considerable amount of costs because we also had to pay call-out charges, in 2020 we came into contact with a freelancer via Klantdirect, with whom we are very satisfied & the rate we pay for the cleaning of the chimney is a fair price.



Mr Bogaerd – Amsterdam

Fair price

In the past, we have had work done by a construction company from our region, who kept us waiting for 2 years for certain work on our roof to be resolved because this work definitely fell under the warranty. Request made, quickly taken up by a company working in our area. Next year 2022 they are coming again, very nice experience & lenient because they had a solution through Klantdirect because of warranty conditions.



Mr van de Gijp – Rotterdam


We have an equestrian centre where, since 2011, a contractor has been doing odd jobs for us. Given the work that had to be done for safety reasons, our contractor, together with a company from Flevoland, did a step-by-step plan to maintain our house and equestrian centre to our complete satisfaction.



Ms Tielaerd – Biddinghuizen

Collaboration with our contractor

Direct contact