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Conveniences & savings benefits when you request a quote or job from

  • Fixed rates: If you request a quote through Klantdirect, you are sure of a certain rate for any job. No matter how complicated a particular project is, our rates are unchanging.
  • This way, you, the customer, can perfectly plan this expense into your personal budget.
  • No call-out fee: Companies affiliated with Klantdirect do not charge a call-out fee. 
  • No annoyance: Your request will be handled by 1 company, no phone calls from multiple professionals who want to make you an offer, or a mailbox full of offers from professionals who want to make you the offer you requested, often not from your region or pushy to make you an offer.
  • Direct choice :  Where other providers of professionals often have you select the right one and leave you with questions?
    • Am I not paying too much, does the price match the work performed.
    • Is the work carried out professionally
    • Did I make the right choice-wouldn’t it have been better to go with the other one?
    • Should there be any unexpected problems with the work performed, they will come and repair it quickly
    • Can I get good service & proper warranty from the company
  • Direct customer focus: A familiar feeling for you as an applicant for a particular project provides added value; professional freelancer, the company is from your region, quickly available, due to the experience and years of service the company offers they can also hand over several referrals where they have completed skilled work in the past.
  • Direct service :  Our specialists in various fields must also provide fast service to consumers, CONSUMER REQUESTS A QUOTE    WWW.KLANTDIRECT.NL
    • A professional on site within 24 hours
    • Quote & any order confirmation follow quickly ( always within 14 days)
    • If quotation & order confirmation must be postponed due to busy periods or unforeseen circumstances, a substitute party can be chosen in consultation with Klantdirect, a company that meets the same standards as the one consumer has just entered into a commitment with.
    • Consumer is unburdened in several areas.
  • Directly professional:  The link entered into our platform allows us to ensure that the field in which the company specializes can meet your needs, and that any additional work can also be carried out by the company if it is related to the request for quotation that you have submitted.
  • Experienced craftsmen: With specialists at Klantdirect, you can always be sure of superbly executed craftsmanship. All our professionals are subject to a detailed screening. If a craftsman is not skilled enough we will remove him / her from our platform, and they will never again be linked to a particular request from the consumer in our data system.
  • Simple way of working: With us you can request a quote anytime, anywhere, quickly and easily. Choosing your insulation job on the website? Do you have a leak that needs to be fixed quickly? Through the request form (QUOTATION REQUEST CONSUMERS), a professional company will immediately contact you.
  • Extensive and secure payment methods: Easy payment via IDEAL or debit machine.
  • Payment plan : In consultation with the company & DKD FINANCE BV, Klantdirect also offers you possibilities to pay for certain work through a monthly payment plan, for instance if the consumer faces unforeseen expenses
    • Budget is significantly higher than expected
    • Consumer knows that there are other expenses coming up in their household, which they already had reservations for.
    • Funds from, among other things, vacation allowance from employer, with which they would like to have the contract carried out – not yet at their disposal
    • Payment conditions such as high cost of interest by lenders.
    • Consumer is aware that if work is delayed, this will result in higher expenses to the home which they did not count on.
    • Consumer knows that with certain maintenance of the home (painting) with delay, various costs often result from overdue maintenance.
    • Not being helped at other agencies, where Klantdirect BV & DKD FINANCE BV have built up a bond of trust from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, where they also offer the individuals a payment plan so that the consumer can get a higher return because their home is definitely well maintained, where in the past they did not have the resources to maintain the home optimally.
  • Nationwide coverage: The Companies affiliated with Klantdirect are from all provinces in the Netherlands, so we can always send you a professional quickly. Whether you live in Limburg, in Gelderland or in Friesland, or you own a house in Brabant, there are always specialists located or working in the area where you want to have work done. WWW.DKDFINANCE.COM
  • Fast service: Company & Klantdirect have agreed that consumer is helped quickly & directly
  • Weekend service: Throughout the years, Klantdirect has gained experience with the companies that are connected – in view of the policy that the company pursues, they have therefore agreed with various companies that they can also offer the work to consumers during the weekend, whether it is on a Saturday or Sunday. Especially in this day and age where consumers are double earners, have high expenses, do not have time to get off work, often have to work overtime in the evenings, are busy with the household, busy with the children, etc. it is often preferable to have a company come on SUNDAY.

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