Our chimney sweeps


Are you in a hurry and do you want your chimney swept quickly? Then request a chimney sweep urgently via Klantdirect.nl. Our platform has many chimney sweeps who are active nationwide, even chimney sweeps who come from your region or town are selected for you. The agreement between Klantdirect & the company is that you will be contacted within 24 hours. This way, you can be helped quickly the same day and you do not have to reschedule important appointments. We also ask that you clearly give us your mobile number, so that the chimney sweep, even if they are on their way to a customer, but knows where you live, can help you on the same day. This means you do not have to reschedule important appointments, which is a great advantage for you as a customer:

  • No call-out fee, favourable rate.
  • Chimney sweep on site immediately.
  • Have your chimney swept & proof of fire insurance in hand on the same day
  • No need to schedule a day off or take part of the day off

Our chimney sweeps are professional and reliable and leave everything clean after the cleaning of your chimney. Klantdirect has already selected the right chimney sweep for you after the information we received from you, so you will be approached by 1 company. You don’t receive countless phone calls from chimney sweeps who offer their services or @mails that make your inbox explode, you are assured of a careful, correct and safe way to have your chimney burnt. The company will also provide you with an invoice & certificate for the fire insurance afterwards

Besides sweeping your chimney, our chimney sweeps can also help you with other jobs. For example, they can grout a chimney for you or install a chimney cap. But they can also install a flue, impregnate a chimney, remove a bird’s nest and much more.

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