Klantdirect bv only works with companies and/or freelancers that meet certain quality requirements.

This means that the company has a valid registration with the Chamber of Commerce and VAT. number, must be added to our platform & have 1 or more business accounts with which the company is registered with us as a professional. There must also be the necessary work experience, certificates and licenses for carrying out the work. The company must also be able to demonstrate in writing that it has liability insurance.

RESPECTcustomers/prospect, also the employees & business relations of Klantdirect bv. As a competent entrepreneur you treat every person with respect. Verbal or physical abuse are grounds for termination. Van de samenwerking. Customer Direct also reminds employees and customers of their responsibilities in this regard.

COMMUNICATE clear with customers/prospect, make sure everything is clear to the customer. Do not create expectations that you as an entrepreneur cannot live up to, inform customers in good time of possible delays, extra costs, extra staff if the works consist of an hourly rate. This is not the case with a full contract price, if other details arise, communicate with the customer so that the customer is also aware of this.

AGREEMENTS are there to be fulfilled. Come on the agreed day and time. If this is not possible for any reason, including traffic congestion, please keep the customer informed. If the work cannot be carried out, such as weather conditions, please inform the customer in advance.

TRUSTWORTHY As a company, you certainly come across as a neat bus, with quality work clothing you present yourself to the customer/prospect. You are the specialist and reassure customers with your expertise. Be well prepared, you will notice from the growth of your company that this saves time and leads to repeat customers and word of mouth advertising, i.e. new customers.

QUALITY of your work is leading. Work accurately, complete the work as discussed. Upon completion of the work, take the time to do so, ensure that the workplace where the work was performed is thoroughly cleaned up & also give the customer the opportunity to provide a clear explanation if they have questions about certain work.

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