Payment method




in consultation with Klantdirect, the organisation can also make use of various additional services. If organisation uses a membership.

  • Supporting representatives who are bringing in work for the organisation (New customers and/or making appointments with subscriptions of organisation
  • Supporting customer expansion for organisation by distributing leaflets of relevant company. In working areas where organisation operates for certain periods
  • Supporting administrative staff, for example, telephony and/or separate invoicing
  • Supporting specialists in carrying out assignments due to personnel shortage
  • Debt collection support provided by DKD FINANCE B.V.  ( )
  • Klantdirect also provides debit card payments on location by order of organisation acting under the name of the organisation that will provide Klantdirect with the invoice and payment reminders of the customer.
  • Support with Financial Aid
  • Marketing campaign to bring certain areas to the attention of consumers
  • Request & submit information to certain lead providers.
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